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Dryocoetes krivolutzkajae Mandelsht., 2001 (Scolytidae) - first bark-beetle from Subarctics

Dryocoetes krivolutzkajae Mandelshtam, 2001 [Scolytidae] (photo by A.B.Egorov)

Mikhail Mandelshtam

You can read the description of this beetle in journal "Far Eastern Entomologist", 2001. N 105. - P. 11-12. (printed in English)



The paper gives the description of the new bark-beetle species Dryocoetes krivolutzkajae (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from the small isle in the northern part of Russian Far East. The newly described species is probably the only species of Scolytidae that can breed in forestless Subarctics. The new species breeds in roots of herbaceous plant – (Rhodiola rosea, Crassulaceae), what is a new feature for genus Dryocoetes.

The holotype label: « Verkhoturova Isle, in roots of Rhodiola rosea, 18.IX.1955, A.Smetanin».Verkhoturova Isle is located in Bering Sea nearby the northeastern coast of Kamchatka Peninsula, nearly at 59 40. N and 164 45. E. Only three specimens were collected. Holotype (male) and one paratype (sex undetermined, specimen damaged, lacking the head) will be deposited after the drawings are made in the Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences (Vladivostok) collections and allotype (female) is in Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg collection.

The species is named after Gali Olimpievna Krivolutskaja - an outstanding researcher of the Russian Far East bark beetle fauna.




Mandelshtam M.Ju. A new species of bark-beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from Russian Far East. Far Eastern Entomologist, 2001. N 105. - P. 11-12 (in English).

Mikhail Yu. Mandelshtam

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