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A.O. Bienkowski: A monograph of the genus Chrysolina (Chrysomelidae) of the world (Monograph, part 1). 2007

Andrzej O. Bienkowski
A monograph of the genus Chrysolina Motschulsky, 1860 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the world. Part 1.
Moscow: Techpolygraphcentre Publ., 2007.
417 pages, 480 figures, 141 colour photographies.
In English.
ISBN 978-5-94385-025-7.
200 x 280, paper-bound.


English annotation.
This book is a first part of the taxonomic monograph of the genus Chrysolina (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the world. A key to all genera of the subtribe Chrysolinina, 10 genera altogether, as soon as a key to all subgenera of the genus Chrysolina is presented. The following subgenera of the genus Chrysolina are reviewed, keyed (to the species level), and illustrated herewith: Allochrysolina Bechyne, Allohypericia Bechyne, Apterosoma Motschulsky, Arctolina Kontkanen, Atechna Chevrolat, Atlasiana Bourdonne et Doguet, Bechynia Bourdonne, Bittotaenia Motschulsky, Cecchiniola Jacobson, Centoptera Motschulsky, Chalcoidea Motschulsky, and Chrysocrosita Bechyne, 110 species altogether. The book is supplied with 480 figures (468 of them are original) and 141 colour photographies presenting the general view of 97 species and 27 subspecies, including type specimens and rare species.